• fedemila4ever

    fedemila4ever Vous savez la tournée de Violetta partout dans le monde ? Dans le concert, il y a une scène ou Fede et Lud se parlent. Ils se disent quoi ? 10 hours ago

  • brideofJesus

    brideofJesus Be prepared the Lord is coming and it is very near now!!! 10 hours ago

  • Ani-ImInLoveWithMusic

    Ani-ImInLoveWithMusic Life's too short to have regrets So I'm learning now to leave it in the past and try to forget 10 hours ago

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    kozlovskysdhampir New picture from Soulless 2 ONLINE, yep again 10 hours ago

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    UnblockMovies Follow me i 11 hours ago

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    xInori Chapitre 4 posté + Article info blog: http://xinori.skyrock.com/3230378679-Info-Blog.html // Fini de répondre aux com's =o= ~J-29 ♥~ 12 hours ago

  • Yukinae

    Yukinae Dreaaaaam ~ 13 hours ago

  • Melodi-ponette-parfaite

    Melodi-ponette-parfaite Les bons amis sont difficiles à trouver, difficiles à perdre, et impossibles à oublier. 13 hours ago

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    homeremodelusa Our USA directory features home improvement contractors sorted by location & specialty, design ideas for your home and free deals/coupons. 13 hours ago

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    onsitecrm The Leading CRM for Small Business Easy, Powerful, Affordable. 14 hours ago

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    alfredmccain0 I feel stronger when i am in love 14 hours ago

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    sweetness200 I'm going through my pictures on my phone, to upload them later, Might take awhile.. 15 hours ago

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    clem-burr /for a representant of the Arlequino we make well content in validation of the narrative and the instruction designs/love Frisco bay 16 hours ago

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    macarez02 bref.... 16 hours ago

  • kozlovskysdhampir

    kozlovskysdhampir Hello my little Dhampir 16 hours ago

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    Mana-et-compagnie Nouveau perso en préparation. 17 hours ago

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    MiniM-J demain c la rentree ! youpie ! :'( 17 hours ago

  • WaitingYouMilitary

    WaitingYouMilitary Bonne rentrée à toutes ! 17 hours ago

  • Echo-Rubys

    Echo-Rubys Ecouter les Beatles à fond avant la rentrée, c'est ça qu'est bon. 17 hours ago

  • Yukinae

    Yukinae Bonne Rentrée CupCake-Chan !! Et à tout ceux qui renrre aujourd'hui ! 18 hours ago

  • satsuki-inoue

    satsuki-inoue Pk la rentrée est déjà la... les vacances sont trop courtes!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( 18 hours ago

  • soffiie54

    soffiie54 posseeyy je rentre lundi 8, encore une p'tite semaine de vacs, tranquille :-P <3 courage à ceux qui rentre aujourd'hui et demain 19 hours ago

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    smarkham98005 Shading Concepts is a premiere provider of custom window blinds & shades in the Puget Sound area. 20 hours ago

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    Pearls-x0x Be You...The World Will Adjust ^^ x0x 20 hours ago

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    cindyblog A woman of health and nutrition 21 hours ago

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    snowgirl88 Et... tu me manque deja... on se revois tres bientot M 21 hours ago

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    aymen-saidani qui est là? qui veux parler? 21 hours ago

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    moataz950 skype :) 22 hours ago

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    chic-mcknicknix Divine Idiot 23 hours ago

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    Paaaauliiiineeee Faut que je retournes en Angleterre vite vite 1 day ago