• Ax-l-K

    Ax-l-K "On est pas des Marionnettes! T'as vue des ficelles toi!?" 6 hours ago

  • Pearls-x0x

    Pearls-x0x Looking forward to Friday..... 7 hours ago

  • Thiskindagurl

    Thiskindagurl Si tu restes, reste pour toujours. Si tu pars, fais-le aujourd'hui. Et si tu parles, assure-toi de penser ce que tu dis! 7 hours ago

  • my-soul-dark

    my-soul-dark dasar YACIINO CORTAIN nyebelin..!!!! 7 hours ago

  • laura90

    laura90 kiff rendu . :) 7 hours ago

  • evilangel1994

    evilangel1994 ADMIS en 1ere session ahahahaha feeling like a BOSS =D 8 hours ago

  • MissLoL1D

    MissLoL1D 4 ans qu ils existent et 4 ans que je suis une Directioner ! Directioner forever ♡ 9 hours ago

  • dhiraj-kumar

    dhiraj-kumar As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it. 9 hours ago

  • Him-Chan

    Him-Chan 사랑의 상처는 그 상처를 만든 사람에 의해서만 치유된다. 10 hours ago

  • emotiger13

    emotiger13 Anyone wanna be in a relationship on FB? 10 hours ago

  • gitano-mia

    gitano-mia ............. 10 hours ago

  • Lie-of-Yami

    Lie-of-Yami Je sens une peur qui me ronge encore et toujours plus ... // Moyashi, Bakanda ou Baka Usagi ? 8D 11 hours ago

  • the-lonely-wolf

    the-lonely-wolf Envie de faire des rencontres 12 hours ago

  • Directioner-forever-784

    Directioner-forever-784 BONNE FËTE AU MEIlLEUR GROUPE DE L'UNIVERS!! ♥ ♥ ♥ #4YearsOf1D 13 hours ago

  • roudoudoudu77

    roudoudoudu77 welcome to sarazin 13 hours ago

  • src0048

    src0048 IR-00 ! venez nous rejoindre , ensemble nous proverons que la musique n'as pas de frontiére ! ^^/notre premier chanson est Beginner ! 14 hours ago


    FREGENE need an online job 14 hours ago

  • SoHappyOh1

    SoHappyOh1 Nouvelle Coupe :* 15 hours ago

  • Kuippo

    Kuippo Music is the only thing we humans have gotten right ;) 18 hours ago

  • Creepy-Slenderman

    Creepy-Slenderman On~Vanvan 18 hours ago

  • Inonecase

    Inonecase In 1 is an innovative all in one case manufacturer. 21 hours ago

  • tricia-harrison

    tricia-harrison Tricia Harrison 22 hours ago

  • rennynovi

    rennynovi はじめまして、レニです :) 22 hours ago

  • haileybeamazing

    haileybeamazing I'm a Warrior i've got thicker skin! I'm a Warrior and you will never hurt me again!! 22 hours ago

  • Ri16ad

    Ri16ad Just Smoke 23 hours ago

  • sweetness200

    sweetness200 Time for sleep. I think I'm just going to catch up on all the sleep I lost. Take care, everyone! ^_^ 23 hours ago

  • MissMango

    MissMango ❤If you weeped for the missing sunset,you would miss all the shining stars ❤ 1 day ago

  • jaytraining

    jaytraining Jay Training 1 day ago

  • Kristina36

    Kristina36 Follow me on Instagram: Kristina Pegeurro 1 day ago

  • candiceDtnnn

    candiceDtnnn Mal dans ma peau, j'me fous en l'air Plus bas que terre mais j'en ai pas l'air. (a) 1 day ago