• aniusson

    aniusson "I'd live and I'd die for you I'd steal the sun from the sky for you" 12 hours ago

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    MackMuppet New truckpictures added, Tuesday April 22, 2014, Please visit my site! http://mackmuppet.skyrock.com 12 hours ago

  • Iswearwereinfinite

    Iswearwereinfinite vivement la fin du demenagement que je retroubve enfin toutes mes affaires. Ennuie ! 12 hours ago

  • vaillant-MOUDOUROU

    vaillant-MOUDOUROU I love drawing Art;photography and painting 12 hours ago

  • LivingMyOwnFairytale

    LivingMyOwnFairytale Sorry, I got lost in your eyes. What were you saying? 13 hours ago

  • NorZuMolina

    NorZuMolina "El corazón es como un manicomio, siempre hay espacio para una locura más." 13 hours ago

  • Directioner-forever-784

    Directioner-forever-784 ''Recovery doesn't have a day off'' -Demi Lovato <3 13 hours ago

  • FrozenLeaf

    FrozenLeaf Chapitre 1 publié !!!!!! <3 13 hours ago

  • idonotloveyou

    idonotloveyou On est désolé, mais on est toutes deux dans nos révisions ou exams, c'est dur de trouver un créneau d'écriture, mais on vous oublies pas ♥♥ 14 hours ago

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    ShainAlexandreSykes Désolé Timo 15 hours ago

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    Pete666 Hey,hey,Hey... Just sayin ;) 15 hours ago

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    Xxx-mathou62-xxX go des soiree avec eux ♥♪♪ 15 hours ago

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    salah-smr skype : salah.9112 ;) 16 hours ago

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    Xaninette Mon blog a 4 mois oiiiii ! Merki a tous ! 16 hours ago

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    i-wish-people-were-cats have been blogstar and i didn't even notice... because i haven't been at home for weeks! 17 hours ago

  • ravenp

    ravenp Seriously though, fuck today. 17 hours ago

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    NorZuMolina La vida es eso que pasa mientras haces lo que todos te dicen... #SilecioApatico 17 hours ago

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    Joueuse-rp Le regard est la fenêtre de l'âme ... 18 hours ago

  • BenDesland

    BenDesland Can't wait to get back into music ahhhh shit. Hope everything works out for me... 4 years of uncertainty is enough for now.. 18 hours ago

  • Said-sniper

    Said-sniper said 18 hours ago


    ZELLEBIEBER Tu m as envin répondu:) <3 18 hours ago

  • MyBloodyDiaries

    MyBloodyDiaries « Elena will what? Hurt me? Dump me? Been there, done that. Wrote a country song. » -Damon, 5x13. <3 18 hours ago

  • Lola-want-baby

    Lola-want-baby demain rdv au cio pour mon avenir !!!! Super important.!!!! 19 hours ago


    MORADSAM J'aime marié et divorcé 20 hours ago

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    layna60400 J'ai plus confiance en mon chien quand mon prochain..!! 20 hours ago

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    alinafranklin Feeling Happy!!!! 21 hours ago


    ASADALI I'm slow to trust, but quick to love. I wish too hard and I give too much. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I promise I'm worth it! 21 hours ago

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    Sentinel004 Hiya :D 21 hours ago

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    Xaninette Nouvel article en blog secret .... Dites moi si vous etes pareil ... ♥ 21 hours ago

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    shining-ora fuck a fake friend ...where u real friends at ? 22 hours ago