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Click on a link and nothing happens? Or "Error 404" is displayed? You've lost your password and can't find it anywhere? To put it simply, you've got a technical problem and want us to help out? Don't hesitate to tell the webmaster.

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Got something to say about the Blog Stars Selection ? You've found a blog that's really good or you think yours should be up there ? Don't hesitate to send your opinion.


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  1. Registration
  2. Login access
  3. Skyrock account
  4. Skyrock blog
  5. Flag inappropriate content
  6. Photos and videos
  7. Chat / Problems connecting to the chat


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- I didn't receive the email to confirm my registration!

If the email address that you gave us is valid, and you've received other emails at this address since registering, there's indeed something abnormal.

First, please check that the confirmation email hasn't gone directly to your email's "Spam" folder. If this is the case, add our to your address book and all subsequent emails from our behalf should arrive with no problem.

If however this isn't the case, click here and we'll resend the confirmation email. Please verify that your email address is correctly entered.

If all else fails, send us a message clearly describing the problem and we'll do everything in our power to help you resolve it.

- Is access to free?

Yes! Registration and access to services are completely FREE.

A certain number of features are however on a pay-for-use basis (SMS.) This is when a company external to provides the service at a charge. You'll always be warned before paying!

- I can't create my Skyrock account! What do I do?

First, please check that all mandatory information is correctly entered: username, email address, password, name, birthdate, gender, and post code.

If you still can't create your account, send us a message clearly describing the problem and we'll do everything in our power to help you resolve it.


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- I forgot my password! How do I get it?

On the homepage, click on the link « Lost your password? » and follow the instructions. We'll resend your password.

- How do I change my password?

Log into and click on Manage my account. On the page that sums up you're your account information, enter your new password twice and then confirm.

- I can't log in. Help!

No worries!

  • Have you correctly entered your username? The slightest typo would prevent you from accessing.
  • Are you sure that your password is correct? When in doubt, you can always have it resent to you.
  • Have you confirmed your registration? You must click on the link embedded in a confirmation email, sent immediately after you complete registration online, in order to activate your account. If you never received this email, just click here for it to be resent.

If for some reason even this doesn't work, send us a message clearly describing the problem and we'll do everything in our power to help you resolve it.


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- Someone hijacked my account! What do I do?

First, click on the link "Lost your password?" to have your password resent.

Once you log in, change your password and choose one that's very different from the original (ideally letters and numbers mixed together).

Then check that your account information hasn't been modified.

If you still can't log in, send us a message clearly describing the problem. We'll carefully verify that you're the account holder.

- What do you do with my personal information?

On, we only ask for your age, address, and telephone number,just in case we need to reach you for some reason, like if you win something in a prize draw

Skyrock can pass this info to its partners, keen to let you in some great deals, but ONLY if you give consent by clicking on the "Partners" box in your account.

Skyrock respects your private life in conformity with current laws.

- How do I delete my account?

Careful: If you delete your Skyrock account, you lose all the info contained in your blog and profile, not to mention your username and friends.

To delete your account, go to "My Account" and click on the link "Delete my account". You have the option of cancelling only your profile or only your blog.


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- Can I write anything I want on my Skyrock Blog?

Skyrock Blog is your online community platform. As the author of your blog, you're responsible for what you publish and the comments you receive. For example, the law punishes false accusations (called "defamation"), racist language, pornography directed at or featuring minors, and insults based on sex, ethnicity or religion.

So you can write whatever you want. within the limits of prevailing laws.

- What is meant by incitement to racial hate or violence?

Racial hate means criticism grounded on the sole basis of ethnicity, or skin colour. Acts of prejudice and hostility against any race, or for that matter, on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, or religion, are prohibited by the law as incitement to hatred.

Incitement to violence means encouraging people to attack others, physically or psychologically, like whatever is written or said must create harm.

- With regard to drugs and specifically marijuana, can I give my opinion?

Marijuana is considered to be a drug, so you can't encourage other people to smoke or sell it. If you want to give your opinion on its legalisation, its trafficking, or any other drug-related subject, be very careful about not treading into what could legally be qualified as incitement. The risk is all the greater since the Skyrock Blog audience overwhelmingly consists of minors.

In practical terms, be vigilant about the images and language you use, and exercise your critical judgement so as to avoid legal troubles.

Are pornography and eroticism forbidden?

On, eroticism is authorised and pornography is prohibited. What's the line between the two, you ask? There's no easy answer since it depends on individual beliefs. If you're shocked by an image, or think someone younger than you could also be shocked, flag the material as inappropriate and we'll look into the matter.

Here's a practical example to better illustrate the limit: What is erotic and thus authorised is pretty much what you can see on a fairly « normal » beach. Uncovered breasts are OK. But not more: no complete nudity, no sexual organs, no couples in action. Sexual propriety varies greatly from person to person, and shouldn't be imposed on you from the outside.

What's unequivocally certain is this: If you ever see minors in sexually compromising photos, videos or other, let us know immediately. It's against the law.

I'm world champion in copy-pasting. How far can I go?

The principle is simple: To copy texts, photos, or music that don't belong to you, you must have the authors' written consent.

I want to share digital files. Can I put everything I want?

The principle is the same: If it's your own work, there's no problem at all. By contrast, if it's not your work, you can't share the material on your blog without the authors' prior consent. Ideally the authorisation is written (email or paper) and clearly specifies that you have their OK to put X file on your site for X amount of time, etc.

Can I put photos of friends?

When you take a photo of someone and post it in your Skyrock Blog to embarrass that person, you can expect a reaction. Develop the habit of asking the person concerned if you can put his/her picture on your blog. Ask for authorisation and send the link of your page to vouch for your good faith. Afterwards, if s/he accepts or doesn't say anything, at least you were frank and honest about the whole deal!

If someone steals my photos or writings, what can I do?

When you've put completely personal photos or texts on your blog and then find them on another blog, the best is to leave that blog's author a nice message asking that they be removed, or that s/he clarifies your authorship in a small text with your blog's link. If your requests fail, warn the concerned author that you'll bring the matter before a barrister.

Can I use my blog to confront people I'm at odds with?

Skyrock Blog isn't the best place to engage in showdowns with your teachers or other forms of authority, like your boss, police, judges, etc. If you reproach them for anything, save your blog the bile, as the concerned parties might retaliate (school suspension, for example). Diplomacy is best.

What do I do if someone complains about what I write on my Skyrock Blog?

Cheesy as this sounds, if someone complains about what you say or write, see it as the beginning of a dialogue, not war. Try to understand what this person is telling you. If s/he is right, the best would be to excuse yourself and to withdraw the articles in question. If you don't do it and you're wrong, the situation could take a nasty turn, like before your school board or even court. If however the points advanced are debatable, thank the person for his opinion and decide if you want to account for it.

Being open to ideas different from your own can only make you stronger.

What do I do if I receive insulting comments or if I come across a Skyrock Blog where I am featured?

First, with regard to the insulting comments, don't forget that you're entirely in control of what's published on your blog. You can erase the comments that you don't like, or completely deactivate the possibility of leaving comments on your blog.

Now, if another user compromises your image on his/her blog, discuss with the author to explain your concerns. However, if your image is presented in an insulting, derogatory way, let us know immediately. Such behaviour is prohibited by the Skyrock Blog Terms of Usage .

How do I become a Skyrock Blog Star?

There's no sure-fire recipe for success here. Chosen blogs are particularly original, content-rich, and of course respect the Skyrock Blog Terms of Usage . If you think that your blog or that of a friend deserves to become Skyrock Blog Star, send it to us!.


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How do I flag a blog or profile with illicit content?

If you spot content that violates our General Terms of Usage this blog/Flag this profile", easily accessible from any page of the profile or blog.

Careful, though: Before you signal any content, we advise that you attentively read the General Terms of Usage. Don't take the matter lightheartedly! If your request turns out to be totally unfounded or mean-intentioned, Skyrock has the right to transmit it with your IP address to the relevant authorities.

Other users won't stop spamming me! What do I do?

First, just block the users who spam and you won't receive any messages from them.

You can also contact us [Lien vers le formulaire Pb technique], giving the spammer's username, his/her message, as well as the date it was received in your Skyrock message box.

What do I do if another user won't stop bothering me?

If another user won't stop bothering you, the easiest is to "play dead". Don't reply and don't enter the game. Ignoring harassment usually suffices for the perpetrators to stop. Furthermore, you can block at any moment a bothersome user and no longer receive any messages from that person.

If you feel threatened, don't think twice: Contact us immediately through the system of "flagging inappropriate content", easily accessible no all pages of blogs and profiles. We'll examine the situation and take the necessary actions.

If all else fails, you can file a complaint against the user with your local police.

How do I avoid meeting bad people?

Without falling into paranoia, you should be very careful about the people who ask for your name, your contact info or photo. Even when there's a good vibe, be on your guards.

  • Never give out your address, telephone, password, or bank info. If you want to keep in touch with someone, just give him/her your email or messenger info.
  • If you're a minor, don't meet random people you befriend on the Internet. You can't know in advance who these people really are and what their real intentions are about.
  • If you're an adult. Take all the time it takes to have a clearer view of the people and their intentions before you meet them. If you decide to meet, don't go alone; the best would be in a public place, at a time when there people around. Refuse meeting anyone for the first time at that person's home, or in a place or time when nobody else is around.

Can you find the identity of a user?

Through the user's IP address that Skyrock is legally bound to store on its servers, we can easily identify the places from where the user accesses the site.

This search is only conducted upon the request of authorities, for matters of legal gravity.


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I can't add a photo. What do I do?

First check that you image respects the following conditions: Format: JPG, GIF ou PNG. Other formats aren't accepted. Weight: Check that your image isn't too heavy. Maximum weight is 1Mo

If your image respects these conditions but still doesn't appear, it's possible that the file is corrupted (virus, etc). In this case, try with another image.

There's no sound when I want to create a video with my webcam. What do I do?

If you encounter difficulties integrating sound into your video, perhaps your microphone isn't on? Check that your computer's audio parameters are correct set.


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- I'm having problems connecting to the Chat. What do I do?

You can perform some troubleshooting by looking at the points below :

1/ Reinstall your Adobe Flash plugin

This plugin allows you browser to read and open Skyrock Chat, not to mention the majority of Internet animations. 3 steps to follow :

a- Uninstall the plugin

Go to the Control Panel >> Add/Delete Programs or Programs & Functions >> in the list of installed programs, uninstall Adobe Flash Player (with or without ActiveX), Adobe Shockwave.

b- Verify:

Make sure it works with this Adobe utility:

c- Reinstall :

If you use Firefox or Internet explorer (recommended): Flash If you use Netscape or Opera: Flash Note: If however it's still not working you can try fixing it by going on: and click on "Get Adobe Flash Player".

2/ Uninstalling webcam software :

You might have traces of former webcams on your PC, or defected software like FakeCam or other software of fake webcams for MSN. 3 steps to follow:

a- Download the most recent drivers for your webcam

WITHOUT INSTALLING THEM JUST YET, you can go on the webcam constructors' site to find the latest driver.

  • For Creative: - => Support => Downloads => Webcams
  • For Logitech: - => Assistance => Downloads
  • For the other brands, enter the brand's name on Google to find the site with the appropriate drivers
  • b- Uninstalling previous drivers

    If you have the latest drivers, or you have the Installation CD-Rom of your webcam you can follow the following procedure.

    Go back to uninstall a program and uninstall any trace of webcam software on the list. Then restart your computer. For example, if you have a Logitech webcam, you can't have webcams of other brands like Creative.

    c- Uninstall software

    Uninstall everything that's linked to the webcam and that you don't use. Restart your computer again.

    3/ Install new drivers and software

    Now you are going to be able to install what you downloaded earlier on. You will probably need to unplug your webcam while the software is installing. You'll need to reboot after you're done.

    4/ Clearing cache (temporary files) of your browser:

    • With Internet Explorer : Menu => Tools=> Internet Options (here you choose the button to delete your temporary files.)
    • With Firefox: Menu => Tools => Erase my traces (here you click on Cache and/or Temporary Files, and then you confirm)
    • After all this, GET ON THE CHAT!