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Skyrock.com is signatory of the charter of the protection of minors on the social networks.

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Signaler un abus Unsure about some content ? If you think it does not respect the General Terms of Use of the site, then report it to us. You can access the form from anywhere on the site by clicking on this sign or on the link Report abuse at the bottom of the page.

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Click on a link and nothing happens? Or "Error 404" is displayed? You've lost your password and can't find it anywhere? To put it simply, you've got a technical problem and want us to help out? Don't hesitate to tell the webmaster.

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The good practical skills for the youngest ones

Are you between 12 and 18 years old and you're using Skyrock.com daily? You use it to present yourself, talk about your life, find your friends and speak on the chat? Very well but be aware, Skyrock.com being a public site open to everyone, you must comply with certain laws and inversely you dispose of rights that protect you.

  1. First of all warn your parents that you want to open an account on Skyrock.com and get their authorization. They are responsible for all you have done or could have done on the Internet. Explain to them what are your motives and what you plan to put online on your blog or profile. Never forget that what ever you publish (text, pictures, videos or personal information) will be public and accessible to everyone.
  2. When registering give your real age.. Skyrock.com users must be 12 years old or over and have obtained their parents authorization to register. Skyrock.com will delete your account if it turned out that your age did not comply with the reality.
  3. The blog and profile are public spaces accessible to everyone. You must never publish private information such as a telephone number, your MSN, your address or pictures of yourself or your family that are really personal.
  4. You are responsible for what you publish on the Internet. Skyrock.com puts in place for you tools that enable you to restrain only to your friends or the users of the site access to communicate via your blog or profile. The same thing goes for when you activate the function "comments" on your blog you become responsible. The most reasonable act is to moderate your comments before they are published (default mode).
  5. The discovery of inappropriate content (a picture with some nudity, blood or some pornography) must be flagged. Skyrock moderates a large portion of its flagged content it receives. They are dealt with internally if it's just a matter of deleting a picture or solving a problem of picture theft. In the case of an emergency all flagged content is handed over to the authorities.
  6. Do not publish anything that one day could embarrass you. Publication of content must be seen as if you were on all the TV channels of the world. Moreover your pictures or information can be used many years later for your first job interview. So don't forget that all published content can be seen by anyone, embezzled by anyone from all over the world and therefore makes its impossible for anyone to forget. Even if the content is deleted later on there will always be a trace of it on the search engines archives or copies on computers of people who took it and saved it.
  7. Respect other people. Your behavior on Skyrock.com is subject to the same laws in real life. All your acts are taken into consideration. Ton comportement sur Skyrock.com est soumis aux mêmes lois et règlemente que dans la vie réelle à ceci près que tout ce que tu fais est enregistré. Il est donc nécessaire d'être respectueux des autres et de leur vie privée. Tu dois être extrêmement vigilant quand à la diffamation, les insultes ou le spam. Il faut également que tu t'assures d'avoir les accords de toute les personnes que tu cites citées ainsi que sur les photos que tu publies, même dans un cadre positif.
  8. Be aware that on the Internet people are not who they pretend to be. You must never accept rendezvous with contacts that you have met on the Internet without being accompanied by a friend or an adult and you must have before hand warned your parents.
  9. Caution with the Webcam. Some people think it's funny to take screenshots of your video session so that they can publish the pictures on uncertain networks. Always be decent and don't accept "cam to cam" if the person on the other end does not want to show himself of forces you to show yourself.
  10. Don't hesitate to speak to adults of problems you may encounter. They can guide you and help you. Some associations can also help you anonymously and free of charge.