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Skyrock cooperates works closely with numerous associations specialised in the protection of minors.

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THE GOOD PRACTICAL SKILLS FOR PARENTS facilitates the personal expression of the new generation by staying in contact with each other and to create new relationships with most of the members that are on the platform. It's also a new way to expose and to display yourself as well as your private life.

However when your child is at home in his room in front of his computer, he's actually not at home but outside in public. Therefore it is necessary to comply with certain rules.

First of all it is very important as a parent to speak with your children about the way they use, why they do it, how do they communicate on it, what do they speak about, in what way do they represent themselves on it (username, pictures...) Being isolated from the computer screen is probably one of the major risks in terms of critical acquisition of the internet.

The more you know about it the better you'll be able to help your children to develop a decisive spirit in regards to what they see and do on the internet. Let them explain to you how they proceed and how the sites and services that they use on work. They will be happy to lecture you on what they do and it's a unique opportunity to share with your children.

The users of must not lie on their age. The users must be 12 years old or above and have obtained authorization from their parents to be able to register. takes a lot of precautions to protect the youngest members of the community. Indeed a 14-year-old user will only be in contact with users of a similar age. An 18 or over-year-old user does not have access to the functions that enables him to contact or exchange on minors profiles and vice versa. will delete the accounts of users that do not comply with the reality.

The blog and the profile are public spaces that are accessible to everyone. Learn to the youngest to not publish private information such as telephone numbers, email address/MSN, postal address, pictures of him or his family that are really personal. Ask him to take precaution and to not detail his timetable or to list the places where he goes to after school. makes available all the tools that enables to open the interaction with the profile to no one or to his friends or to everyone. The same thing goes for when a minor creates an account on the publication of comments is deactivated by default. He can activate it if he wishes it.

Discovering inappropriate content (a picture with some nudity, blood, pornography) must be flagged immediately.  Skyrock moderates all the flagged content it receives. They are processed internally if it's a simple picture that needs to be deleted for inappropriate content or theft. Or handed over to the authorities with the necessary data to be able to process the committed crime thanks to links that are linked directly to the minors brigade with the site internet-signalement and some associations are also present on the platform of blogs of associations specialized in helping teens such as: Paris Ado Service or Fils Santé Jeune.

These organizations work closely with the psychiatrist Michael Stora, founder of the observatory digital worlds. When the Skyrock team identifies keywords the user used such as suicide, anorexia and bulimia" the blog and all means of contact with the blogger is handed over to the psychiatrist so that he can get in touch with the user and help him or direct him to other medical organizations.

Remind the youngest users to not publish anything that could one day be the cause of embarrassment.  The publication of content must be considered as being visible by adults or maybe the day of a job interview. Young users must be aware that what ever they publish can be seen by anyone from all over the world.

Remind your children that once content has been published it cannot be taken off. Even if the content is taken off later on they will still be a trace of it on the search engines cached or copies made on the computers of the people making the copies.

The behavior of your child on must comply with the same laws in real life; all of his actions are taken into consideration.  Therefore it is necessary to have respect towards others and their private life.  The fact that he is exposed to everyone in a very quick time he must be careful to not insult anyone. He must also have the authorization of all the people that are tagged or are on a photo that is displayed on his blog or profile.

On the Internet people are never who they pretend to be.  Children must never accept rendezvous without being accompanied by a friend or an adult and by having informed his parents.

Take special precaution for the youngest users. Place the computer in an open space such as a living room so that you can keep an eye on what your child is doing online. Connect yourself with him so that from the start he has good habits.

Use your parental control to close any account that your child could have created on platforms that you feel should not be online especially for his young age. For example on one message via the following link enables you to ask the closing of the account as a concerned parent or legal guardian.